Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dodgeball Anyone?

Dodgeball means any game in which players try to hit other players with balls and avoid being hit, according to Wikipedia. The last time I played Dodgeball, I think was in Elementary School and I'm thinking I don't have very good memories....something along the lines of a big red bouncy ball being thrown and hitting me right square between the eyes. So when Braden was asked to play in a Dodgeball Tournament for a fundraiser for my friend Kortney's son, I didn't hesitate in asking him if he wanted to, he's the age I was when I last played and is ever bit as big as the boy who pegged me in the head, so I felt glad to turn over my $10 donation to let him have some fun!!!

Here are the "boys" lined up and ready to hit and dodge, they had so much fun!!!

The above picture is our favored men's team. It consisted of a few of Braden's football coaches and a few the team dad's. On another note, this Dodgeball stuff is actually getting to be a pretty serious sport. I was actually surprised at the number of adult teams that there were, and the serious competition involved. My MIL went with me not knowing what to expect and actually enjoyed it. I do not know the official count of players, or if the trend has taken off because of the 2004 movie that starred Ben Stiller, but I will tell you this, this will not be the last post I write on Dodgeball!

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