Monday, February 15, 2010

Through the Eyes of a Three-Year Old: GREAT Grandma's

Braden & Kaybrie with their Grandma, Betty Crow on 2/13/2010, and yes, she is a great grandma!

I was pulling out cards on Saturday & going through the massive pile that I bought at Christmas time because I always stock up on cards for the year to come. I ran across the birthday card that I purchased for Mamaw Crow, and showed Jason and the kids. A little later, Kaybrie goes to Jason and says,"Who will get Mamaw's card since she lives w/ Jesus?" Jason told her. "Probably no one." She replied, "How come not Grandma?" Jason told her, "Grandma is not a Great Grandma." She said to him, "Grandma is too a GREAT Grandma!" Through the eyes of a 3-year old!

This Post is in Memory of Mamaw, Ruthie Crow: Braden & Kaybrie's Great-Grandma who went to live with Jesus on January 12, 2010! She just loved sitting and watching them play and play. My children are so blessed to have been a part of her final days.

(the picture above was taken 9/19/09)


Delana said...

Your children seem very warm hearted and yes, they are very blessed. May God continue to comfort your family.

My grandmother passed away when Jayce turned a year old. I still miss her today.

Kortney Harrington said...

That is awesome. It brougt tears to my eyes. Your babies are so sweet.