Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Princess Turns 3!

The Crow Princess started partying it up on January 25th w/ a party at the Bouncy Barn w/ 10 of her BFF's, sure glad that we did, due to another Winter blast that decided to sweep Northeastern OK! Kaybrie has yet to have a birthday without SNOW!!!
Here are the gifts she received from Mom & Dad. A pink princess Bible, that she calls her God Book, she carries everywhere, gotta love that!
She got her dollhouse, the ONLY thing she asked for, funny how 3yr olds start asking!
These are the cookie suckers that my friend Morgan and I made for her friend party, aren't they the cutest! I want to start a business, what do you think?
Here is Kaybrie and her BFF Faith opening gifts at her friend party!

So, I was gonna try to make a elaborate b-day cake for her actual b-day on the 31st, but she decided she just wanted pink cupcakes w/ purple sparkles and only 3 of them! So here is what I came up with! LOL!
Awww, Brother and Sister Love....

....yummy cupcake love!!!
Happy 3rd Birthday Baby Girl, I Love You!!!


Mom Mayhem says: said...

Ahww-Happy 3rd B-day to your daughter! And I do love the cookie suckers-That would be a cool business to start! We're getting ready for my son's 4th B-day coming up!

Kortney Harrington said...

I love the cookies! Yes you need to go into biz that would be awesome. She is so stinking cute with her God book. Did you find her a bag?

Anonymous said...

Love love love the cookies!! You should definitely start up a business!! Your kiddos are too cute! Looks like she had a great birthday!!

Delana said...

What a cute birthday girl and a wonderful party!