Thursday, February 4, 2010

Catch Up Time!

Hello... Blog World, Family and Friends! Have ya missed me? Well I know several of you have, because I have read and heard your comments while I have been on my brief, over 45 day, hiatus from keeping you posted on all the happening around The Crow's Nest! So, the last post you saw was Braden turning 9! And with that change it seems he just keeps getting taller, mouthier, and has decided that school lunches are not his thing anymore, so now he/I packs a lunch every morning! Fun! Fun!

Now I'm not gonna bore ya with reading story after story of ALL the great happenings, but I am going to give you a brief synopsis in picture/caption style!
My cousin Destiny was married December 19, 2009 to Mr. Kris Darbison, aren't they a beautiful couple!

On December 21, 2009 Jack Michael Chernisky was born. He is the little brother of Kaybrie's BFF Faith and of course on of my BFF's Stacye! Faith stayed two nights with us while patiently awaiting the arrival and homecoming of her little brother!

We delivered our annual Christmas Eve gifts this year to 12 of our neighbors, the kids did not get to do it w/ the wagon this year (As you can see Braden wasn't very happy about that, LOL!) We actually delivered them, in a closed door Chrysler Sebring and did I mention that I got it stuck, yeah didn't get pictures of that little ordeal or the mud flying everywhere! Big thanks to my neighbors Red and Steve for getting me out!
Braden & Kaybrie put out Skim milk, Crow-bars, and 8 carrots for Santa and the reindeer...
...they must have been good kids in 2009 because they both got bikes!

'Twas the Night Before Christmas and ALL through the State of Oklahoma a Blizzard Warning was issued and boy did we get snow, it stayed on the ground for over a week and the kids had a blast playing in it during Christmas break! We didn't get to go to Nana's house until New Year's Day for Christmas, but we still enjoyed a wonderful break!

Had to share this picture of Mr. Hayden, he turned One! His birth was shared on this post!
Happy Birthday Baby Hayden!


Mom Mayhem says: said...

Thanks for inviting me to the blog :) I know what you mean about trying to keep i up-I try to update about once a week or so. Hey I have a cousin that just got married too -In Jan. You can read all about that on blog :) Well, TTYL

Delana said...

Great blog post!