Wednesday, December 9, 2009

WooHoo! BA's Danny Cahill Wins Season 8's Biggest Loser

Alright, alright so I have known for a little while that Danny was a finalist, okay September 22 to be exact, but had to keep it on the down low! Remember the boot camp I did this summer, or better yet remember the one I didn't complete due to breaking my ankle three days into it! Well my trainer/friend Miranda has been training Danny while he has been back home in Broken Arrow! How totally cool is that! Several of my friends have met him and say he is such an inspiration to be around. I mean really he lost 239lbs and is down to 191lbs, and now he has taken home the title of Season 8's Biggest Loser, I am inspired! So proud of you Danny! For those of you who haven't read or would like to re-read my story on Miranda go here! I am really hoping to do a follow up story on her journey w/ Danny soon!


Megan said...

Wow, small world!

Delana said...

Amazing!! Can't wait to hear more!

kenziekylanmom said...

My mom has been friends with him for a long time and we were totally cheering him on the whole way and super happy that he won!!!