Sunday, December 6, 2009

Start It Out Right Sunday- Week 15

I know, I know you haven't seen a Start It Out Right Sunday in a looooong time.....Kind of sad when your own MeMe gets put on the backburner, but realistically when Sunday's are your only family day during football season, the last thing you want to be caught doing by your DH is blogging! So, I'm getting this one done on Monday morning and gonna backdate it, with a promise to my readers to start trying to continue them on Sunday's for now on!

After church we ran by Family Dollar to get Braden's party favors for next weekend. He picked out Bible word searches. I asked him, "Are you sure all of your friends are Christians?" I realized immediately WHAT I said to my son. Here he is expressing himself and his beliefs to his friends, a moment any mother should be proud of and here I was getting ready to hold him back over something as simple as a $1 party favor. I apologized to him immediately and told him how wrong I was.

How often do we do this in our daily walk with Christ? Do we question what we say or what we do as Christians for fear of it offending the "non-believer"? I for one this week am going to Start It Out Right by making an effort not to hold back, to let ALL see Jesus in me!

How do you participate in Start It Out Right Sunday's? Please email The 4-Crow's, you'll be added as a reader, then just play along! All you have to do is is grab the button, sign Mr. MckLinky, and share how you are going to Start It Out Right! It can be from the sermon at church, the diet you will start, the house you will clean, the amends you will make or just anything to Start It Out Right! I look forward to reading each week!


Megan said...

Hadn't seen a post from you in a little while. It's nice to see one again...oh and it's a great one too!!! : )

Delana said...

Glad to see it back!