Monday, October 26, 2009

Where Have I Been and What Has Been Going On at The Crow's Nest?

Wow, has it really been 11 days since I have written a blog piece? Well, I am alive, no illnesses, I guess just extremely BUSY! Football wraps up, or I should say the regular season wraps up this week. ( we are not going to discuss the outcome) )-: Our all-star has been asked to play in post-season! Yay! So, we will be going until at least November 21st in football. But, we made a decision. We are not playing basketball this year. We need some family time. We are tired of running and never seeing each other.

My Moma surprised the kids with a visit last Wednesday and stayed through Sunday, so needless to say, I have been away from the computer. We had a great visit! She did bring Jason's birthday gift- we are now sporting a new yard ornament- and a quite pretty one if I say so myself! What do you think? And Soooie on you if you don't like it! She found this in Mississippi, so this Hog has a lot of miles on him!

On another note, Braden had all A's on his first report card. We are so proud of him! And now I have to share a funny story that happened last night, he of course will disown me, but I have to document this one, LOL! Last night, Braden was sitting in self confessional crying his eyes out- it seems he had been keeping a BIG secret all weekend long. He had received a "like" note from a girl at school on Thursday and checked YES, he is terrified that we are going to turn him into the school authorities ( I told him it was in the handbook, NO GIRLFRIENDS). I guess I am blessed that it has waited until 3rd grade! BTW, her name is Bailey, and mom is a teacher. This all started because we were getting ready to watch Transformers 2 and Bailey reminds him of Megan Fox- oh for crying out loud, sorry but I don't think a 3rd grade girl, or any girl could hold a candle to Megan, but I did not dare tell my DS that!

Miss Kaybrie, well she is into the WHY's! She is into the I need to find this, and if I can't you find it for me. And, she is into the "I am the boss" stage. Yep, the 3's are quickly approaching, only 2 more months and we will have a darling three year old in the house. Oh is she a Drama Queen! One of her favorite things right now is to go to her Grandma's and play with Grandma's black porcelain baby doll! So sweet!


Delana said...

What a cute story to share about Braden!! :)

Kari @ A Giveaway Addicted Mommy said...

Oh mommy have you ever instilled that best fear imaginable in that child! Live it up while you can - soon the girlfriend will have pink hair (yes my son's did at one point - luckily she back to being a brunette) & wears a tutu to school (yes, she does this too - apparently it is considered cool to be quirky).

I have missed coming by and I apologize for not being a better bloggy friend.

I hope you are well!

Megan said...

Cute. Sounds like you've been busy, fun, and stuff like that! : )