Sunday, October 4, 2009

Start It Out Right Sunday- Week 15

My Start It Out Right Sunday is to get my family well! Or at least Kaybrie and prevent the other family members from getting sick. Yep, Kaybrie has the dreaded flu! What started out as allergies last week spiked a fever late Friday afternoon and by Saturday morning she was running over 102 degrees.
Conversation between the doctor and I.
"The actual flu test came back negative, but all symptoms point to the Flu Virus that everyone is getting."
Oh, so is that the Swine Flu?
"We can't call it the H1N1 because only 5 counties in Oklahoma are actually testing for that particular virus and to test for it would mean sending the test off to a lab, but all symptoms to point toward it, your daughter has the flu."
"Treat her with ibuprofen for the fever, lots of rest, and liquids. If she starts wheezing bring her back in. Make sure she is fever free for 24hrs before she come in contact with other kids."

I dunno, first of all I love, love, love Miracle Motrin. No fever this morning. It does make a kid bounce back fast. Second of all, I took my kid in because I thought she really had a bad sinus infection. Thirdly, I am probably not going to ever take one of my children back to Urgent Care on Saturday unless they are bleeding!
For those of you deeply concerned, I will follow the doctor's advice, I have a business degree not a medical degree but seriously sometimes I really think the Moma degree rules out, just saying....
And, as reported from my DH, at church this morning we now have 25 new brothers and sisters in Christ that not only gave their lives to Christ this morning in church, but followed up in believers baptism! How Cool is That! Praise God and What a Way to Start It Out Right!

How do you participate in Start It Out Right Sunday's? Please email The 4-Crow's, you'll be added as a reader, then just play along. All you have to do is grab the button, sign MckLinky, and share how you are going to Start It Out Right, it can be from the sermon at church, the diet you will start, the house you will clean, the amends you will make or just anything to Start It Out Right! I look forward to reading each week!

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Dawn said...

Hi Girlie!

I'm sorry your little one was sick. I'm shocked actually that they said she had the flu yet they didn't give you a rx for tamiflu?!?

I'm glad she is feeling better!

How awesome that God's kingdom continues to grow!