Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wordful Wednesday- Guess What We Are Doing?

Yep, you are not seeing many post, because Braden is quickly becoming a hot commodity in the 3rd grade football world! In Broken Arrow, we take our football something serious! In a previous post I wrote about the weight issue, now I'm just going to write about our activities and show you some shots that I captured this past Saturday. Thankfully we have gone from four day, two hour practices, to three day, two hour practices.
But now we have added into the mix G-A-M-E-S! We lost our first one 28-0, to a boy's club of Tulsa. But we Roped us some Rams this past Saturday with a win over Owasso 32-0! Braden is playing linebacker and has had unlimited compliments and comments from coaches from across the area. Yes, I am bragging, I am a very proud Moma!

Here is a closeup of my handsome son! The red #2 on the back of the helmets are Remembrance Numbers for a player from Bixby, Zachary Wertz, who lost his life in a car accident during Labor Day weekend.

My baby boy pushing through the line...

...that quarterback is mine!

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Delana said...

So sorry to hear about the young boy whom lost his life, but I am very taken by the fact they are honoring him.. It's very warm and pleasing to see such young little ones thinking of others.

Sounds and looks as if you are a busy and PROUD football family!! :D

Megan said...

I love the support you have for sports. Football is SO big when you are cheering on a family member!!! Busy, busy, but your a great fan! : )

Devri said...

THat is sad, oh my!

busy, busy bees, us mommys aren't we! Go little quarterback!

Liz said...

I bet he'll be drafted for the NFL before you know it! lol