Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Take Me Back Tuesday- Meet My Sister Stephanie, Her Family & My New Nephew

My sister Stephanie is 5 years and 4 days younger than me! She's a Halloween Baby! To be honest, I don't think I really wanted her, but now I couldn't live without her! We live 3 hours apart and are as different as night and day! I'm Miss Socialite, she's Miss Stay in the Dark!

This is my favorite pic of her, her Senior Picture in 1998

This picture was taken this past June, before....

...she added this little guy yesterday!

Grady Allen Palmer

August 24, 2009

8lbs, 9oz 19 inches

7 o'clock PM

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the RaMbLeR said...

Awww... How sweet!

Both that you love your sister so much and her sweet little addition. (is she crazy?she already had 3 kids. LOL)

Amy said...

Congratulations, Aunt ShaRhonda!