Monday, August 17, 2009

First Day of 3rd Grade- August 12, 2009

Summer could not have been over fast enough for Braden, okay me too...... It was a short summer for us with me hurting my ankle and all, way too many days cooped up inside and maybe not enough activities, even though he got to swim at least 2X per week at Grandma's, went to Iowa for a week, and went on a fishing trip to Lake Texoma! Come Wednesday morning, he was all SMILES and could not wait to get to the bus stop!
I caught this shot as he was walking out the door, yes I am a lazy Mom, I do not wash before wear!

Here he is all ready to go, the style this year is no backpack. I call it his Murse-man purse.

See, it looks like a purse!
Headed to the bus stop, with one last look at Mom. (I did not get a kiss this year)

There goes my 3rd grader, safe on the seat of the bus! He had a great 1st day of school and loves his new teacher Mrs. Hoffman. Homework starts Monday the 17th!


Dawn said...

I hope he had a wonderful first day!!!

He sure is a handsome kid!

Ashley said...

I love the Hogs shirt!!! Awesome!! it's not to bad though my aunt lived in OK for a few years and always had her Hogs plate on the front of her ride!!!