Saturday, June 13, 2009

What? Is it Possible that Daddy Crow is Back in Moma Crow's Bed..

Did the title of this post get your attention? Well, it should and no, I am not sharing TMI! Since our darling Kaybrie's arrival in the Crow's Nest over two glorious years ago, Daddy Crow has been on the couch. Face it, nursing for 13 1/2 months was easier with the darling next to her mommy and restful nights have been a must for the remainder! But, all babies must leave the nest or their mommy's bed at some point, Braden was in my bed until Jason and I married, and he was 4! Face it, I enjoy co-sleeping. But, I also do not want to be in the market for a new couch or a new back for my darling husband! I understand that the replacement back's are very expensive! LOL!
So, thanks to Great Aunt Nora , Cousin Vicki, and Grandma, we managed to put together Kaybrie's big girl bed! Let me tell you, she is PROUD! We have not had one argument out of her over napping or spending the night in it, of course we are only into our second night, please God don't let me have just jinxed our household!
Putting the bed frame together was fun. The Headboard and Footboard was actually Kaybrie's Crib-or should I say decor for her room, because I don't think the child ever even napped in her baby bed. Kaybrie "helped" her Daddy, by placing the screws and taking the screwdriver from him telling him "I fix it, Daddy!" Quite the little helper she is, and might I add a bit headstrong!

I ♥ Pink & Brown!

Well, does she look like she ♥'s it?

Here is proof that she has slept in her new bed!

(This was her 1st nap in it!)

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Amy said...

I'm loving her new bed and it's decor! Glad to hear you've got your hunny back (you know, that might lead to more kiddos, right?). We never fell for the co-sleeper thing (having only a queen-sized bed sorta helped detour it as well...

Liz said...

Cute bed and comforter! Yay for Kaybrie, and yay for you and Jason... ;-)

Serena said...

Love her new bed! What a great idea with the pictures over her bed!! LOVE IT!! They grow up fast...too fast!