Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday- Rowdy Zaine

Rowdy Zaine Palmer-June 2009- Boggy Depot Park, Atoka, OK

You can tell by looking at this nephew of mine that he is a little out of his element, he usually has his cowboy boots on and his blue jeans! His mom, my sister Stephanie, dressed him up a little bit for the annual Dillard-Tomlinson family reunion! But, take a look he still managed to find a stick! He truly is an All-American Boy! "Blue" as his Papa Bruce calls him is the cutest thing and if you don't believe it, you just need to sit and talk with him a bit! His fish get bigger and so do the guns. And oh my, what a little dare devil he is.....he already rides a big boy bike, a 16" to be exact, and is working on conquering a small battery powered dirt bike much to his Nana's (and all of our) dismay! When I say sit and talk, I mean sit and talk, his southern Oklahoma accent will have you swooning, I sure wish I had it on video! For his 3rd birthday this year the Crow family got him a Car's backpack and some white Hanes undershirts just like his Papa Bruce's, and boy is he the "man"! And yes, when he turns 10 and Papa gets him his cell phone, his ringtone will be John Deere Green or She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy- the boy is truly obsessed ever since his Sissy got her cell phone, LOL! (although I can only imagine what the ringtones will be in 7 years)

Happy Birthday Rowdy Zaine, I Love You!

The Palmer Family- June 2009

L to R:

Jeff, Stephanie, Jadyn, Rowdy & Cody & expecting a new addition in August 2009

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Liz said...

I was pleasantly surprised to get to see Rowdy, Steph, Jeff, and Jadyn at Wal-Mart yesterday and give that birthday boy a hug! He is Definitely quite the character and too cute. Nice post and great pic of Rowdy and his family.