Sunday, May 31, 2009

Three LifeSongs-Revised (I did not delete it)

"It's been said that worship is the soundtrack for the story of God, a soundtrack that we've been invited to join in. Melodies sometimes soar as we celebrate the victories of life; while at other times we sing a melancholy tune of hope and faith in the midnight hour. But ultimately, everything in life and eternity is about God's greatness, glory, and grace. And there will never be a more compelling score than the anthem of our lives playing out a song of praise that echoes through eternity." This has been the theme of the last three Sundays at our church- TCABC! I encourage you to click on the link and listen to a least today's LifeSong!
Warning this post is going to be long! But a read that is going to require a Kleenex or two!
First, I am going to start w/ own personal LifeSong! Anyone who knows my complete life story knows that I cannot for reasons of hurting other people place in print the details that have shaped me into the woman I have become today, however I am not ashamed in a small group to give my testimony. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior when I was 9yrs old. I made my decision in Vacation Bible School that Summer of 1984. Church was my refuge as a child, my safe place, the place I could go to "pretend" that everything was okay in my life, because it was. It WAS with God! I couldn't wait to get out of the town I lived in so that I could get out of my "life". I went to college, 3 hours away, full scholarship, excelled, worked, graduated in 3 1/2 yrs, met a BOY, emphasis on the capitalization.... I still had God, had escaped my "life", but never found a church in college, it wasn't home. Long story short, found a career, married that boy, yes we were members of a church and met wonderful friends, started a family, and ended in a divorce. Details for small group as well. The moment my divorce was final, I went to TCABC. January of 2004. Here I was a single mother, walking into that service that morning towing my 3yr old, I wasn't about to take him into childcare, he was my distraction and protection. I think he broke the air control box cover that 1st Sunday. The next time, he went to childcare. That Summer, I took Denise's class; by Fall, I was in Divorce Care; in November I met Jason in Divorce Care (I think that was against the rules of the class); on November 28, 2004 I stood as a Single Parent and dedicated Braden to God for myself to raise him according to God's plan. In January 2005, Jason asked me to marry him and we were married in May of that year. I gave birth to Kaybrie in January of 2007 and Jason and I stood together before God, family and friends and dedicated her on November 25, 2007. All the while TCABC has been such a foundation for us. No we are not perfect members. We don't tithe as we should. We don't serve as we should. But I know that I am where God wants me to be. I love our church and my prayer from this sermon series is that my LifeSong grows stronger and that God will demand that I be used for his glory and grace.

Second part, please stay w/me! So right now I could just kick myself, my little brother, okay he's younger by 4yrs...was ordained on May 17, 2009 and I videoed it w/ my camera but I have deleted it! Included in the video was the ordination questions about his salvation story, very very touching! I guess God just wants Jason Scott to tell his LifeSong himself! Well, miracles can happen, I found the video! Check out the bottom of the post! I love you, Jason and am so proud of you! May God Bless You & Your beautiful family!

Jason Scott Williams, Pastor of Marsden Baptist Church, Overbrook, OK

Pastor Jason & Elizabeth Williams

Get your Kleenexes out, okay just hand me another one, please!

3rd LifeSong-Letter to Braden!

Dear Braden,
I am attaching my status update on Facebook for you today, May 29, 2009. My prayer is that one day you will take out this blog post and know how proud I am of you and your decision that you made to ask Jesus into you heart today. I also copied and pasted each comment that was made in response to my post. This shows that you will always have Christian brothers and sisters that pray for you each day. I love you and always know that I am here for you and that you are not alone. I had your Uncle Jason take the above picture of you on your special day! Your Salvation Day!
Love, Moma

I just got a call from the lake-my baby boy is not only my son but is now my brother in Christ- I can't stop crying! Praise God!Fri May 29 3:30pm ·

Heather Welch Pittser likes this. (friend from Riverview Baptist Church, Bixby)

Elizabeth Williams at 3:31pm May 29 Awesome! That's great news!!! (Aunt)

Lori Ranford at 3:37pm May 29Doesn't get any better than that!! Rejoicing with you and your family! (friend from Riverview Baptist Church, Bixby)

John Thompson at 3:38pm May 29 Woot! :) (Moma's 2nd cousin)

Cindy McConnell Barton at 3:41pm May 29 how exciting!!!! (Daddy's cousin)

Dawn Rumble-Allen at 4:01pm May 29 Awww.... that's wonderful news!! (Moma's blogger friend)

Pamela Willison at 4:44pm May 29 Awesome! Praise the Lord!!! (Moma's friend, Angie Koepsel's sister)

Tonya Fergueson at 6:58pm May 29 via Facebook Mobile Texts Oh how wonderful! I can't stop crying either! (Duh, Moma's cousin)

Deborah Hayes at 10:39pm May 29 Guess the snakes were worth it huh? (Papa Bruce's Cousin, ya'll killed lots's of snakes during the fishing trip)

Melissa Cates at 10:57pm May 29 via Facebook MobileI am so beyond happy for you all!( Moma's friend from work/MOPS)

Jason T Crow at 4:33pm May 31 I am such a proud Daddy!

Jason Williams seems to be used by God more as a fisher of men than a fisherman. The lakes been great but leading my nephew to Christ is greater.
May 29 at 6:42pm


Liz said...

Love the Lifesongs post! I am so happy that Braden has accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior, it is the most important decision a person can make. He is so blessed to have you and Jason as parents, that care about him and his salvation! Thanks for sharing this, and I look forward to listening to the sermon from TCABC today.

Megan said...

Awww, that is one sweet post. Good for you, and for your sweet boy too!!! : )