Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Take Me Back Tuesday- Happy Anniversary Daddy & Moma

Without these two people- The 4-Crow's would not exist!

My Daddy & Moma, Bruce & Belinda Williams
Wedding Day May 26, 1973

Thought I would share a more recent picture!

(although not too recent, 2002, geez what's with couples & getting pictures taken together, come on America show some lovin', some cheezin', pleeze grace society with a mug shot now & then!)

Not too bad folks, 3 kiddos ranging from almost 35 to almost 30, 9 grandkids with one a baking courtesy of the almost 30yr old. I'm thinking that my parents are looking good. I love you Daddy & Moma. Happy Anniversary!

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Liz said...

Happy Anniversary Bruce and Belinda!! Great post, and I know what you mean about couples taking pictures, I don't think Jason and I have had one together since I was pregnant with Mika, too long.