Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Take Me Back Tuesday- Anniversary Month

It is Wedding Anniversary Month for the 4-Crows's and I've been sharing some Take Me Backs, Check out last Tuesday's Post also!
This is our engagement picture! Yes, our first official picture together! I can't believe that next Tuesday it will be 4 years of happy wedded bliss! Honestly, it seems like forever!
Check us out! My, My it is true when you grow comfortable with each other, you truly GROW! LOL!
Stay tuned for next week's Take Me Back Tuesday and you'll get to see the wedding pix!
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NateAndJakesMom said...

That is a great picture! I wish I could get my husband to do pictures like that again - We did our engagement ones but I would love to do another one... well, after I lose some of this baby weight, LOL!!

Dawn said...

What a beautiful picture!!!

Baloney said...

Love the picture. And Happy Anniversary!