Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Nite Out T-Town Style

Have I mentioned lately that I love, love, love blogging?

Or even more how much I love to infinity and beyond being a Mom?

And of course, I like food, duh!

So, take Moms + Blogging + Food and what do you get?

A Mom Blogger Nite Out!

Last Night, May 6, 2009 was National Mom's Nite Out! It was the first ever Tulsa event hosted by:

Melanie, Blogging Basics 101
Shannon, Rocks In My Dryer
Christine, The Home Team Wins
Natasha, Tasha Does Tulsa
Trisha, Funky Food Allergies &
Courtney, Homemaker Hero

My SIL, LizzyDear and I met up w/ the other 60 bloggers at Hideaway Pizza! We finally got to put a face to some of our favorite blog reads! (Dawn, Michelle, Jonni, Georgie, and Leanna) It was a great event, door prizes and swag bags were given away-love those goodies! Thank you to all the wonderful sponsors and to our hosts for all of their dedication! Can't wait until next time! Do we really have to wait a year?

L to R: Michelle, Dawn, Leanna, Me, Georgie & Liz

OMGosh! I won a door prize!
(great pic of me Michelle, thanks for letting me steal it from FB)

L to R: Me, Jonni, Dawn, Michelle, Georgie, Leanna & Liz

Sporting our Swag Bags!


Liz said...

It was so fun, and I would love to get together again! Thanks

the RaMbLeR said...

WooHoo!! I had fun meeting with you ladies!! It really would be great if it was more often than just once a year!

Dawn said...

It really was a lot of fun! And, I loved getting to meet you!!! You are just precious!

Baloney said...

That night was so fun. I'm glad we were at the same table!