Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Hog Fan Rats!

What Boy Wouldn't Want to Be a Fan?
(Nov '08 Arkansas/TU game)

Most of you who read my blog on a regular basis, know that the Crow family are huge Arkansas Fans. Yes, we try to make a football game at least once a year, courtesy of my MIL for mine and Jason's b-day. Now, to be honest, before I met Jason, I did not even really know the the Razorbacks existed. At first, everything was OU/Arkansas House divided, that all changed, quickly in the whole scheme of wedded bliss.....The Hogs are definitely struggling. However, once you have been to a game you become a stinkin' fan.....or at least I did. You have to love the Razorbacks, Win or Lose, that is just what true fans do! Not just support the team during their winning streaks, but all the way!

It is a given if you live in Oklahoma, that you cheer for OU or OSU or TU, and we do, except when the Razorbacks are playing them, which has only happened once, this past November, when we opened a can of WoooPigSoooie all over the Golden Hurricane. I am starting to see more and more Razorback fans now in Eastern Oklahoma, but of course it doesn't go farther West than Tulsa or further South than Broken Arrow. A common attire for our family is a Red Hog T-Shirt, shorts or jeans, and tennis shoes! Can't help it, comfort is in, minority is out!

Now the reason for this post. Braden has about seven Arkansas shirts, ranging from T-Shirt's, hoodies, jersey's etc..and usually four out of the five days of the school week, he wears one. The boy has no shame, and for three years now, he has not let it be a secret about the team he supports. But for some reason yesterday, J.R. a boy in his class, and one of Braden's bud's, decided to pick on Braden about it. Now my eight year old is very tall for his age, and has a huge heart, and face it he just doesn't like being picked on, who does? But, instead of standing up for himself, guess what he did (oh is he gonna kill me when he reads this in 20 yrs), no he did not throw a punch, but did the alternative, HE TATTLED! Come on son, its a T-Shirt for crying out loud-oh yeah, I guess you pretty much did that when you ratted on your friend, huh?
So Braden's teacher
Mrs. M, who is a huge OSU fan and has to look at the Hog everyday, had J.R. write Braden an apology note. I think this is just sweet. What a memory for the scrapbook, now Braden needs to write 100X on the chalkboard, This Hog Fan will not Rat!

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Jennifer said...

That's hilarious! He would definitely fit in this neck of the woods! However, you know me and I'll cheer for the Razorbacks except if they're playing TU. I'm still bitter about the TU Razorbacks game. Maybe someday........

Glenna said...

AWW That is precious! Much better than throwing a punch...give him a few years!!! haha Just kidding!!!


Flea said...

Dude, I would have been all, "I'm sorry I made a rude comment about your Hog t-shirt. You have the right to wear what you want, even if it's Arkansas." See? That's a real apology. :)

Megan said...

OMG!! That is so funny! He tattled, and that note is so funny! This will definitely be something to bring up and show him years from now!