Friday, April 24, 2009

2nd Grade Field Trip-Oxley Nature Center

Braden's 2nd Grade Class

I love, love, love being a SAHM! Before, when I worked FT, I had to accept the fact that I was never going to get to participate in any of Braden's school activities. On Wednesday, I volunteered to go w/ his class on a field trip to the Oxley Nature Center. Imagine, 3 busloads of 2nd graders and a whole caravan of parents driving North on Hwy 169 to North Tulsa- hmm what a sight. Once the students and volunteers arrived, we were given instructions on what to do and not to do. #1-follow your guide, oh no, there was not a guide, I was the guide! Ha! Ha! I had 3 boys in my group including Braden. We were armed with magnifying glasses, a clipboard for our nature hunt, and my cell phone (thank God I did not have to use it). We saw beavers, water moccasins, footprints, a tree that had been struck by lightning (Braden allowed that I was pretty cool for pointing that out), and lots of poison ivy! Honestly, we did not follow the #1 rule, I let the boys lead- come on three, 8 yr old boys are not going to follow a MOM! After the Nature Hunt, we were ready for lunch. We ate our picnic lunch at Mohawk Park. Oh, did I forget that we had a record high temperature that day of 91degrees!

Braden & his pals studying their Nature Hunt sheet!Gotta have a silly pic!

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