Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weight Loss Journey- Week, who knows? I think 9!

Okay, I know, obviously if I don't hold myself accountable who else will? The answer would be my Smart Fun Gorgeous cousin Tonya. We're going to see Wicked this Summer at the PAC, and whoever loses the most is buying the tickets. I did go and weigh-in today, I mean come on I am paying $39.95 per month to do this Weight Watchers thing despite us being UNEMPLOYED, so I better get serious. No really, due to illness of kids and parents, my girls and I have not been able to workout but maybe 1x/week, but we WILL be back on track next week. This weeks results, I lost 1.2lbs. Total weight loss, 6.8lbs. Good thing I only worked out 1x this week and I ate that Braum's Cheeseburger yesterday, or I would have gained! LOL! :)


Fergie said...

I hate you! Why can't I do all that stuff and still lose? That's it, dang it, I'm going back on my diet again! You went and inspired me, dadgum it. Hate you.

Glenna said...

Gosh woman HOW do you do that!