Monday, March 9, 2009

My Kaybrie is a WINNER: Beautiful Baby Search...

Today is the day, please God I really want to go to New York City! Yes, millions of parents have submitted, all hoping and praying that their beautiful child will be picked to win the prestigious title of being called THE Beautiful Baby on the Regis & Kelly show. Who's child couldn't use the Grand Prize of $125,000 toward their college education. I'm thinking that my college education only cost, hmm $50,000, so with the remainder $75,000, my baby could buy her Moma lots of shoes, drive the car she wants, and eat more than Taco Mayo and Pizza Hut Breadsticks on the weekends, when the meal plan wears out! What mom doesn't want to meet Kelly Ripa, she is so darn cute with her great fashion style and Mom of the Year personality. Please Lord, let my baby be picked!

Could this possibly be the winning picture? I just can't wait until 9AM, so I visit the Regis & Kelly link. Ten babies are chosen today, with only 24 hours to arrive to the top 5. Is Kaybrie there? Since she hasn't been in any of the photo galleries, they must be saving the best for last. Is she there, is she there? Everyone has told me how gorgeous she is. When my Moma got Kaybrie's B-Day invitation with the same picture, she told me that Kaybrie would be the Winner. Ahhh, there are the beautiful babies, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,....10! What? No Way! Can't Be! I am Speechless!

No, Kaybrie was not one of the 10 finalist, there is always hope in the next 48hrs that one of the finalist parents will ignore the phone call or miss their flight and in that case Kaybrie and I will be on that plane out of Tulsa International in no time, I better go shopping, nothing in the closet fits. Just imagine, Prada, Louie, Coach, Jimmy Choo's, please let them miss that plane.

Disclosure: There are millions of parents across the U.S. that are feeling the same way, we all know however, that our babies are WINNERS, and don't need some STUPID contest to tell the World how beautiful they are. But, New York City would have been so nice. Don't you know that it is all about the Parents, not the kids. Well, there is always next year, and yes, Kaybrie will be entered again!


Liz said...

she is a cutie! Mika was in the top 100 in 2006, and I keep forgetting to enter every year since! But like you said, we all know how beautiful our children are anyway!

Glenna said...

Yep she IS a WINNER!!!!


Megan said...

She is so cute! With those brown eyes, and that curly hair she is definitely a winner! I would re-enter her next eyar! Why not???
The only downfall to not winning...not getting that money! LOL

Flea said...

She's beautiful. :)

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