Sunday, March 29, 2009

If You Don't Like the Weather in Oklahoma, Hang Around!

Three months into 2009, and Oklahoma has already dealt with, drought, tornadoes, and now snow. A March 28th snow storm dumped 6 inches at The Crow's Nest! A wet, heavy snow....beautiful! Good thing that we had gotten about 3 inches of rain before and that the surface temps were above freezing or we could have had much, much more. Parts of the Panhandle received anywhere from a foot to 30 inches, Yikes! This was Kaybrie's 1st real experience with the snow, she wasn't walking on her 1st b-day and was sick earlier this year. When she looked out the window, she was very concerned about her car & slide, it was dirty (snow of course, little girls). Braden of course is Mr. Chill, he loves the stuff and has to wade through the highest snow drift, not leaving a place in the yard untracked! We let the kids get out early to take advantage of the pretty stuff, because we never know how much we will get, or when it will end and melt away.
Braden & Kaybrie catching Snowflakes on their tounges!Kaybrie is all smiles, look how the snow is just sticking to her! Braden making a very wet snow Angel!


Megan said...

I love snow pictures...yet I hate the snow! I really hope warm weather and sunshine head both of our ways really soon!

Dawn said...

Great pictures of your kiddos playing in the fluffy white stuff!

I loved that we got that big amount of snow and the next day it was gone. The best of both worlds! LOL!

Flea said...

What fun! I was out of town on Saturday and completely missed it, but my boys spent the whole day outside. It was their first real snow of any consequence and they weren't about to miss it!