Thursday, March 26, 2009

If the Shoe Fits, Buy Two Pairs!

Oooh la la! My friend Stacye and I were invited to my friend/her SIL Stacey's, Moxie Designer Shoe Party last night. Imagine two rooms full of shoes & accessories, and not just any shoes, Designer names such as Betsey Johnson, Bettye Muller, BCBGirls, Jessica Bennett, Calvin Klein, Via Spiga and many, many more. One room 50% off, the other room 20% off! Talk about a girl's heaven on earth. I should have never watched Sex in the City, read the Confessions of a Shopaholic Series, or ever saw Stacye's Jimmy Choo's! I am a country bumpkin, brought to the city, and that city is not New York City or Milan......Good thing;). How can I develop such a fetish at 34 yrs old?

And you ask, what is Moxie? Here is the definition from their website: "Moxie Shoes is a new concept in shoe and accessory shopping. We specialize in personal fittings and private parties. Come to our store or we will come to you with a variety of fabulous shoes, handbags and jewelry selected with you in mind. If you prefer shopping in the convenience of your own home, you may begin shopping by clicking on shop shoes, shop accessories or shop jewelry, make your selections and your favorite items will be delivered to your door in 2-3 business days." And yes, there is a store in Tulsa, located at 101st & Yale at Mode Boutique. I am so getting on their mailing list.

Enough of that so what shoe caught my fancy? Yes, this gorgeous Betsey Johnson, 1in platform, 4 1/2 inch heels and it was 50% off at only $108. I actually tried them on, they were on my foot, so SEXY. Only two pairs, size 9 and size 10. I put them down, no, I did not NEED them. A little later when we were leaving, I did tell the girl who had grabbed the size 9 that if she decided not to get them, to have the host call me, after all I do own a Visa....My cousin Tonya over at Smart, Fun & Gorgeous, who might have also gotten me in on my newest fetish, told me that I should have gotten them so I could rent them to her. Now that is an idea!
This is the shoe that Stacye tried on. Betsye Johnson's open-toed Slingback. She too, walked away only wearing her Jimmy Choo's.But, we did walk away with a glass of wine, some quality girl/mom time, and a new wallet in each of our hands. Mine is a flat jewelry wallet for travel, I have loved my flat wallet for my purse, and when I do get the opportunity to travel, I hate leaving my jewelry laying around, so my purchase was very practical...

The title of this post IS very misleading, but who knows what the future might head on over to the Moxie website, check it out, book a party, or just buy two pairs of shoes, what a concept!


Megan said...

Oh I love shoe parties!!! Wow, you have awesome control over yourself! CUTE SHOES too!!!
I need a flat wallet for traveling with jewelry, man I need to be more practical...if you can do it, then so can I! : )

Liz said...

I've never even heard of shoe parties until now, but it does sound like fun! I'm proud of you for having great self-control. :-)

kenziekylanmom said...

Oh wow! I've never been to a shoe party it sounds like fun but where would I wear shoes like that in OK? They are super cute and super sexy though totally not appropriate for church which is the only place I usually wear heels! LOL!!!