Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Crow Spring Break Chronicles......

March 13, 2009- Left Broken Arrow at 12:30PM, arrived in Wilson at 5:15PM, put Kaybrie in big girl panties.

March 14, 2009- Went shopping with Moma, my Sister, Kaybrie and my niece Jadyn. Braden stayed at my sister's house and played w/ my nephews Cody & Rowdy. He had 3 "do not's". Do not shoot a gun, do not get into the pond, and do not ride the 3 wheeler! Confession time-he rode the 3 wheeler. Kaybrie & I got our ears pierced, Kaybrie's 1st time and I got my second hole. Kaybrie wore big girl panties again that evening, but we had to put a diaper on her that night. Jadyn, Rowdy and Cody spent the night with us.

Kaybrie after her piercing, she is so proud!

March 15, 2009- Went to church with Moma. After church, Moma, Braden, Kaybrie, Jadyn, sister Stephanie and I went to Durant for my cousin's baby shower. We got to see Tonya, Shawn, Angela, Destiny, Aunt Pat, Danna Beth, Uncle Monk, Aunt Julie, Liz and Mika. Lot's of cute baby gifts! We can't wait until Carter Reece gets here! Kaybrie wore a diaper all day, then that night was her first night to wear big girl panties and wake up dry! Jadyn, Tristan, and Seth spent the night with us.

Angela Dawn at eating cake, isn't she cute!

March 16,2009- Braden and I picked up cousin Casey at Lone Grove at 7:50AM. I was able to see first hand the damage from the Tornado, just awful. The kiddos played all day outside, on the hay, with their Nintendo DS game systems, and on a large wood spool. All grandkids were there except for Mika and Judah. :(. We grilled hot dogs and ate outside! Kaybrie wore big girl panties all day and only had two accidents, ADULT fault...she told them, they weren't listening. Tristan and Seth went home, to get ready for a trip to El Paso. At 6:30 I met two of my friends from H.S. at Applebees in Ardmore, we talked for 4 hours, why did we wait almost 17 years to do that? I had so much fun! I got back to Mom and Dad's at 11:00, my parents were waiting up on me, playing w/ Kaybrie, Braden was passed out. I felt like a teenager again. Another dry night for Kaybrie!

Seth, Jadyn, Casey, Braden & Tristan, playing Star Wars Clone Wars on the Hay!

Braden, Seth & Casey playing on the wood spool!

H.S. Friends-Heather, Me & Jamie

March 17, 2009- Happy St. Patrick's Day! Another fun filled day outside. Stephanie and I laid out on the trampoline, we got a little sun while watching Moma plant and work in her yard. Braden, Jadyn, Kaybrie & Rowdy played together. My friend Sherry came over during the afternoon, and we talked for hours, its hard to believe that her kids are 21 and almost 15! It was so good to see her. My brother Jason also came over and had dinner with us. Kaybrie did great on potty training, only one accident-when we turned on the water outside. Another dry night.

March 18, 2009- Stephanie, Jadyn & I went to Lone Grove to get groceries and pick up Jadyn's friend Kennedy. Once again, a fun filled day OUTSIDE.....Potty training again went well and we had another dry night.

March 19, 2009-Packed and ready to get home, my Moma is not feeling well, so I cancel her Nuerologist appointment, but first find out that the numbness in her hands and feet and pain in neck will not require surgery, and can be treated w/ medication. After lunch w/ Stephanie and her kids, we start the trek home. We ran into rain in the Arbuckle Mountains until Pauls Valley, heavy rain. I was so nervous, Kaybrie is still wearing panties and I really do not want an accident in my car. My favorite place to stop in OKC is the Sonic right before you get on the Turnpike to Tulsa. This Sonic has a restroom that I can park in front of, send Braden to the restroom and then go myself. Only this time, Kaybrie got to go in with me. She wouldn't go! I had to get the potty chair out of the car in order for the deed to be done! Aaaargh......! We finally arrive home around 4:30PM, HOME SWEET HOME! Kaybrie actually surprised me, she went to the potty all by herself without any help from me or anyone, yep, went to the bathroom by herself, pulled down her panties and just did it! Yay! It's official, my 25 1/2 month old is POTTY TRAINED! As her reward, I have had an interactive Belle Tea Party doll. It has been in its box for several months, just waiting for the right time, and Kaybrie really wanted it but just wasn't ready to take the step, but now she finally took possession and it is her turn to teach all of her baby dolls how to potty...

Kaybrie using the potty with Belle!

So, as you can tell we had a fantastic, adventurous, and fun filled Spring Break! Can't wait until next year!


Jennifer said...

It sounds like you had a great Spring Break. Congrats on the potty training! That is so great.

♥SimaG Jewelry♥ said...

Hello My Dear Friend,
I am so proud of your little girl.
Eden's is almost three and he does not want to hear about potty.


We are off to Disney Land!


Dawn said...

Great job, Kaybri!! Woot!

I'm not ready yet to potty train Camryn. Maybe in the fall.

I'm glad you had such a great spring break!! Fun times!=)

Michelle said...

Wow! You had a busy week. Grace just got her ears pierced a year ago. Your daughter looks so cute with her new earrings. I wish I could get my youngest to act interested in potty training. That is such a cute picture of her with her little potty.

Megan said...

Wow! That's quite a spring break. makes me think I need to get planning something for ours. It won't be quite as exciting! : )

Liz said...

Glad you had a great week! And cheers to Kaybrie on potty-training!

Glenna said...

Oh it sounds like you had a fantastic time!! I'm so happy for Kaybrie being such a big girl!!! Way to go! Glad your back! Missed you!