Friday, February 20, 2009

Weight Loss Journey- Week 7

I am living proof that you can eat 8 white cupcakes w/ pink icing, not work out, not track my points, and lose .6lbs! Yeah, I don't think that long term that is going to be possible, just think......if I would have worked out and not eaten those cupcakes, I might have lost more weight, but like the Weight Watcher supporter told me, I am back on track and, I did track my points today! New beginning point for me total weight loss so far (to bad I'm only 8hrs into it)......5.6lbs!


Glenna said...

You go GIRL!!!! We can do this!!!!
I missed you girls last week! I hope all the kiddos are well! See you there!!!!


Jennifer said...

Now that's my kind of diet!

Megan said...

Congrats! ; )
Hmmm...cupcakes sound so good! Yum, that's my kind of diet. : )
Good luck, and good for you.