Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Kids Say the Darndest Things......

Over the past few weeks, my kiddos have really expanded their vocabulary and have really been saying some cute things. Braden of course is 8 yrs old and is becoming "wise" in his age and Kaybrie is 2 and is learning to put words together to make sentences. Here are a few examples that I just have to share & document.

Daddy: Braden, scoot your chair up to the table.
Braden: Dad, I did it last night.

Last night, Braden & Jason (Daddy) are driving to basketball practice, a car keeps dying in front of them at every stop sign.
Braden: I bet all those other drivers of the cars are calling that car the "e" word.
Daddy: Son, what is the "e" word?
Braden: You know Daddy, IDIOT!

Braden: No fair, daddy, you are supposed to let me win, because I'm your kid!

I was washing Kaybrie's hair the other day in the shower.
Kaybrie: Mommy, me eyes burning.

Kaybrie is very independent and wants to do everthing by herself.
Kaybrie: Me. No helping me.

Daddy: Kaybrie, are you going to go walk today and see Justin, Emery, and Faith?
Kaybrie: Yes, Ma'am.

Daddy: What is your favorite food?
Kaybrie: Cheese.
Daddy: What do you get at Sonic?
Kaybrie: Apple Slush
Daddy: What is your favorite song?
Kaybrie: Jesus Loves Me.
Daddy: What do you get at Arby's and McDonalds?

Kaybrie is beginning to sing. Her favorite song to sing is her version of "Rock A Bye Baby".
Kaybrie: Rock A Bye Jesus......


Liz said...

That's Cute!

I guess it has been a couple of months since I've been around Kaybrie, but only a couple of weeks and I will be up.

Glenna said...

Just Precious!!!!!


Fergie said...

Some of these were so funny they made me truly laugh out loud. And they arrived in my inbox during exactly the right time. Not only are kids a blessing, but God used this blog entry to brighten up my life when I needed it the most. Lots of kudos!