Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weight Loss Journey- Week 3

I am about to give up! I watch the "Biggest Loser", and get all pumped up , they lose in double digits, why can't I? I did go in the right direction with another loss, but I agree with Glenna at The Treadway Treehouse, what is .2lbs? My total is now 3.6lbs lost. At this rate, Mexico will probably be the 51st State before I get there!

And now for a great story. Last night while at a birthday party, I had a piece of cake and 1/2 C of Lite Braum's vanilla ice cream, and what does my son ask in front of everyone? "Mom, is that on Weight Watchers?", I smile and say, "Yes, Braden, thank you for watching, and yes, I will count my points!" Everyone rolled w/ laughter!

189=5%= Something from Victoria's Secret, okay a new bra
180=10%= New Clothes
175= Night out w/ girls-controlled of course
170= Flip Video Recorder
165= New Wardrobe-because there is a trip coming up soon! Definitely cute jeans from the Buckle!
160= Trip to Mexico, location TBD


Glenna said...

Thats Great!!! Dont give up we will do this together!!! 1 pound at a time if we must til its GONE!!!!!!

Liz said...

It's always nice to have a young, thin, boy to remind you about watching what you eat, isn't it? Tristan often times does the same thing to me! :-)