Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weight Loss Journey: Week 1

Weigh in Day, Week 1: Lost .8lbs. Well, that is almost 1 lb! I honestly did very well this week. I tracked each day. I never ate over my point allowance for the day, and I worked out 4 days this week! So, why did I not lose more? I guess the point is...I lost and did not gain!

189=5%= Something from Victoria's Secret, okay a new bra
180=10%= New Clothes
175= Night out w/ girls-controlled of course
170= Flip Video Recorder
165= New Wardrobe-because there is a trip coming up soon! Definitely cute jeans from the Buckle!
160= Trip to Mexico, location TBD


Liz said...

I lost 1 pound at weigh in also, better than gaining I guess. I just wish I could afford your incentive ideas. :-)

Jennifer said...

Good luck! It's so hard. I was good last year but have gained it back. If you keep following your diet I bet you'll see more of a difference in the next couple of weeks. That's what happened to me.