Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful....

Here we go again. Another ice storm. Why can't we get snow? Our kids have to sled on the ice. It is still sleeting and drizzling freezing rain, but not nearly as bad as the "Ice Storm of 2007", when millions were out of power for up to 30 days. Praise God we were only without power for about 10 hours. Trees were split, limbs down, trees toppled, it looked like a tornado came through. Here are a few pics from last year.
And here are a few shots from this year.
As you can probably tell, the trees still have not completly recovered from last year. We have gained a new prop in our front yard, Braden's basketball goal. It is filled w/ water & anti-freeze. Check out the net-its frozen solid. The difference in the pavement is because we had more freezing rain last year and the ground temps were warmer. This year we have more sleet and of course, the ground temps are much colder. But, watch out, we live in Oklahoma, it will be around 60 degrees this weekend!

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Glenna said...

grrrr!!!! I dont like this weather!!!!!