Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year. New Me? We'll See!

I certainly hope and pray so. I work out a minimum of two times per week. Walking, core excercises, gab time w/ girlfriends, and yes, usually 2x per week we go to lunch...and forget about Subway, its Mazzios, Chili's, CiCi's or El Chico. Since May I have gained 20lbs, yes, I stopped breastfeeding, did a Bahama Cruise, have changed birth control 3x, upped my Zoloft to 150mg/day, been on two steroid packs, and I definitely have had no stress in the husband "job" area ;)! Excuses, Excuses...I just like to EAT!

Well, yesterday I did something about it: I joined Weight Watchers for the 3rd time in my adult life. 1st time, I lost really well and then got kicked out because I got pregnant. Gained 40lbs w/ Kaybrie and for some reason she only weight 7lbs 8oz of that weight. 2nd time, I joined when Kaybrie was 6 weeks old, that was a failure. I couldn't eat all of my points. Yeah, Yeah, when you are breast feeding you are supposed to eat 10 more points than a non-breastfeeder, and all I did was maintain. That is no fun. So, now my 3rd time, and I weigh more than ever before. I want to lose 39lbs. Yep, 39lbs. I am 5'9" and yes, I carry my weight well, but I really want to be down to 160lbs, healthy is 169lbs. So, I am going to post each week how I am doing. I am going to be honest with my readers when I lose and when I gain. Don't be surprised if its short and sweet. I am going to reward myself as I lose, and they are gonna be some good rewards. Now, please be supportive, don't use your math skills to figure out my weight, please just cheer me on!

189=5%= Something from Victoria's Secret, okay a new bra
180=10%= New Clothes
175= Night out w/ girls-controlled of course
170= Flip Video Recorder
165= New Wardrobe-because there is a trip coming up soon! Definitely cute jeans from the Buckle!
160= Trip to Mexico, location TBD


Liz said...

I am totally in agreement on this post. I have gained about 12 pounds since summer, and I feel miserable! My mom and I joined Friday night, and I signed up for the monthly pass, I am really geared up for success, and actually working on next weeks menu right now! Jason is joining me in this WW journey as well, so hopefully we will all be able to offer encouragement and accountability to each other. Great incentives by the way. :-)

Michelle said...

Girl...I so need to lose a few pounds. I would love to take a vacation somewhere warm. One of these days. I need to workout!

Megan said...

I keep telling myself that it's time to get my excercise routine going...but it's hard with little kids because there is no way I could get up in the morning and do it before they wake and I am too tired after bedtime. EXCUSES!! I need to do it though! Good for you, I LOVE your can do it!

Glenna said...

Oh girl that is great I will be cheering you on & hopefully I will see you at the walking!!Ok On my way to heat up my lunch Lean Cuisine!!!

kenziekylanmom said...

I am on a weight loss mission this year too! I have much more to lose then you do...yes, it's horrible and gotten out of control! I started on Alli and it seems to be helping so I guess we will see. I love that you posted your goals and rewards! YOU CAN DO IT!!!