Tuesday, January 20, 2009

If the Shoe fits......

Stacye & Carrie T-Girl's Night Out for Stacye's B-Day

"It doesn’t matter what you are wearing – if you have good shoes and a good bag, you’ll look right”. Tamara Mellon, President and Founder – Jimmy Choo.

You know, I like that quote. This may sound a little modest compared to the rest of my story, but I used to wear Old Navy flip flops all the time. I have them in every color, you know the one's, 2 for $5! Well, I bought me a pair of Nike flip flops at the end of the summer, yeah I could have bought 10 pairs of the ON flip flops for the original price of these, but oh my, the comfort is heavenly.

My friend Stacye recently took a getaway to Las Vegas w/ her hubby and some friends! She got her Christmas present while she was there. Now this is something she has been wanting for a while. And they were on sale, and her husband went into the store first. When she told us ( her best chica's) about them, we were like, we want to see them, take a pic! Classic Black, 4 1/2 inch heels, do I have your attention? Now Stacye did learn a valuable lesson. Don't try on the shoes after you have been walking in Vegas. Her feet were swollen, leading her to get a larger size that needed. They come in, I guess, metric sizing. She had to send them back and wait to get her precious baby's! Well, she has now wore them 2x, sent me a pic, and she, "looks right"! Talk about a hotmomma.com! I love you Stacye!
Stacye's Jimmy Choo's, Aren't they gorgeous!


Carrie said...

What Hotmmas!!!!!!!!

Glenna said...

WOW!!!!you go girl!!!!