Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hoops, Anyone?

Yesterday we attended the Spur's basketball game, and what a game it was! Picture this: Ten, 1st & 2nd grader's dressed in green & white, up and down a half of a basketball court w/ an 8ft basketball and a very small basketball. Double dribbling, walking w/ the ball, fouls, wrong baskets beign shot was a sight to see! Okay, yes I am a little partial to the Spurs, because my "little" man Braden is #42 on the roster.

Braden participates in a league called the Upward Program. This is a Christian based league that desires to reach kids through Christ, by using sports such as basketball, football and cheerleading. I am very, very impressed with this program. The kids have a devotion time during each practice, where they have an opportunity to earn a star by reciting a memory verse assigned the previous week. The games consists of introductions of each player, prayer before the game, two 18 minute halves, where each child is rotated in and out every 6 minutes, at half time, an Upward player recites the memory verse aloud over the microphone, and after the game, each team huddles and the coach hands out recognition stars to each player. Braden recieved a star at the first game for great rebounds! Yay, Braden!
The "unofficial" score of the 1st game, since no score is officially kept (but of course, my husband being the proud Daddy he is, did!), was Spurs 28- Hawks 4! One thing I will say about the Spurs, is that they are not afraid to shoot the ball, and my "little" man standing a head taller than all the other boys, had 4 of those points! I am so proud!


Glenna said...

Oh WOW!!! Way to go Braden!Sounds like an AWESOME program!!!!

Michelle said...

Great pictures! The main thing is that he has a positive experience. Sounds like a great program.