Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Girl!

I think as a little girl, I always envisioned myself as being a Mommy to a precious little girl. I had given up on this idea after I had Braden. But, God had other plans. Little did I know that 6 yrs after I had given birth to my beautiful baby boy, God was going to bless me with a sweet, little, beautiful, baby girl. Now don't get me wrong, Braden will always be my baby boy, and there is nothing like being a Mommy to him, but he'd really look funny in hair bows, makeup, tutu's, dresses, tights, and playing with baby dolls.......I really needed a GIRL!

I worked all during my pregnancy with Kaybrie, in my chosen career of banking. Yes, I was an officer and an Assistant Branch Manger of The Bank of Oklahoma. Lot's of grueling hours, bank robberies (4 during my 10 year career), staffing shortages, oh, and lots of other gripes and complaints, and yes, many rewards, but something happened when I held that sweet little girl. I knew I was headed down a new career path: A Stay At Home Mommy or SAHM for short. I needed to be with my two babies, I was missing out on activities, awards assemblies, PTA, volunteering, HomeRoom Mom, and playdates. Yes, my new little baby girl was the deciding factor in my newfound career. One child was okay to work around a schedule, so I thought, but two, no way, no can do, or will do! I found out quickly that I was missing to many things, and that my babies would grow up and what would I have to show, but a paycheck, and a notable career, and besides that if the need arises, I can go back to work! So the decision was made, after many hours of debate and discussion between Jason & I. I became a SAHM, the hardest job I've ever had!

Kaybrie was born January 31, 2007 at 4:40 PM. She weighed 7lb8oz and was 19 inches long. The picture below is her 1st official picture. It is a little graphic, but any mother will understand perfectly why it is my favorite.
Kaybrie & Dr. Larson

This beautiful angel, is truly a gift from God. And such a Daddy's girl. Oh, and I have to tell you her big brother, Braden, is pretty much her world! She loves bossing him around, making him play in her room, playing with him outside, and she does not let him help her do anything! The next picture is Kaybrie's 1st birthday.
Look Mom, I'm messy!

Kaybrie's favorite activities: Playing baby dolls, she is such a little Mommy,watching Sprout, especially Nina & Star, playing with her BFF's, Carlee, Cydnee, Justin, Faith, Reiley, & Emery, going to gymnastics, working out w/ Mom, drinking Sonic apple slushes, eating pizza and grapes, taking her hair bows out, and going to church to learn about Jesus. Oh, almost forgot going to Grandma's House and Nana & Papa's House!

Kaybrie has been sick this week, with RSV, Croup & an ear infection. We had to cancel her party, so we kept her birthday simple, with only Grandma coming over. The next picture, was taken today, Happy 2nd Birthday, Sweetheart! I love you!

Kaybrie with her "purse" b-day cake. Mommy made it!

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Jennifer said...

So sweet! Please tell Kaybrie that Cydnee and Carlee's Aunt Jennifer wishes her a Happy Birthday! I'm so sorry she was sick for her birthday. That's happened to us before and it's quite the bummer.