Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fabulous Blog Award

I finally got my first Blog Award! I am so proud of it.Thanks LizzyDear'sLife!
The rules of this award are to list my five addictions, and then pass it on. So here are my addictions and in no particular order:
1. Route 44 Sonic Diet Coke w/extra ice and diet Cherry syrup.
2. Talking on the Cell Phone.
3. Blogging, I love it!
4. Eating out, no wonder I need to lose a couple of ten pounds!
5 . Not staying at home, I have to go constantly, i.e. working out, errands, etc.

I now pass this along to (and tag) Glenna at Welcome to the Treadway Treehouse, Carrie at Tillman4, Carrie at Oharamom, Jennifer at 3Gals&AGuy. These are very Fabulous Blogs that I love reading!

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