Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 Random Things

I am not going to follow the rules. I am sure all of you have seen and been attacked several times on Facebook and the Blogs, but here are my 25, and believe me, this is just a sampling. Hope you all feel like you know me better!

1. I am the oldest of 3 children.
2. I wanted my baby brother, baby sister, not so much!
3. I knocked my brother crossed eyed w/ a baseball bat when I was 7, he was 2! I told him to move, and it really was an accident, but not according to him and my parents!
4. Once, when I was 16, my cuz Tonya and I parked sidewards on a muddy dirt road at night,to find her rings that she threw out the window w/ the trash. We found them! Don't litter!
5. I used to always throw the Sonic Straw Paper out the Window when I was in college. Don't Litter.
6. My brother and I share the same birthday, only I'm 4 years older.
7. I have a very bad addiction. Route 44 Diet Coke's, w/ a little diet cherry, and extra ice from Sonic, and I never hit Happy Hour- $1.94 each day!
8. I have never had a hangover!
9. I can now put World Traveler on my Resume'. I went to the Bahamas last year!
10. My weight Yo Yo's, especially when I am happy!
11. I love blogging, facebook, and myspace.
12. I've only had 1 speeding ticket.
13. I ended a 10 year banking career as an officer and Assistant Branch Manager to become a SAHM.
14. I just saw the ocean for the 1st time last May.
15. I've lived in the following cities: Wilson, OK, Weatherford, OK, Tulsa, OK, Overland Park, KS, Lawton, OK, OKC, OK, Edmond, OK, Wilson, OK, Bixby, OK, Broken Arrow, OK!
16. I asked Jesus into my heart when I was 9yrs old in VBS.
17. I like Contemporay Christian Music, Country & 80's
18. I snore-how embarrasing!
19. I sneeze after I eat sweets and when I go into the sun!
20. My name, hmmm...My Daddy picked up an African-American hitchhiker while in college, her name was ShaRhonda and I am forever her namesake! True Story, but was denied until I graduated from college.
21. I only have 1 pet. Hush the Fish.
22. I grew up in the country.
23. I like to cook.
24. I love working out w/ my girlfriends (gab time).
25. This one everyone should know, but its the best! I love my husband and two kids!
26. I've been in 4 bank robberies!
27. I went to Forestry Camp two years, the summer before I was 16 and the summer before I was 17. The first year 72 guys/8 girls. The second, 64/6. Nice ratios, huh- I got my 1st kiss there! I went w/ my cuz, Tonya.(I know, what happened to 25?)

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Megan said...

Hey I have a question for you!
In you header (shich is so cute by the way) You have your names written on there and some of them are tilted and sideways. Ya know what I'm talkin' about right?
I am assuming you did it on picnik. Anyway, how did you get the names to tilt and not be straight across? I haven't ever been able to figure it out. Thanks!