Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chocolate Birthday Highs!

Happy 9th Birthday to Braden! We actually got to celebrate his birthday party on his birthday, December 12, this year! We did this by hosting a birthday brunch at his Grandma's house! A birthday brunch? Yep, and it was delish! My MIL made Chocolate Gravy, Sausage Gravy, Hot Biscuits, Bacon, and Sausage! (She really outdid and overdid herself) Chocolate Gravy, you ask? What is that? Well, that was the main reason for this birthday brunch, you see, Braden has been bragging to his friends and teammates about this cuisine for quite a while and therefore we decided to introduce them to a little southern delicacy, and guess what- they loved it!
The birthday boy chowing down!
The guests chowing down, I do see one empty plate....shame on that boy!
The temps reached above freezing at a balmy 35 degrees, so the kids need to play outside ;)
The cake, didn't my friend Morgan do a great job?
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Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Cookie Fun w/ Kaybrie & Her Bestie!

I can only tell it the way Kaybrie told her Daddy when he got home from work. "Daddy, Daddy, come look.... Mommy made cookies, then she put green icing on them and then me and Faith put lots of sprinkles on them!" She did not even try to take full credit for making them herself, LOL!

Here is Kaybrie putting her Sprinkles on...

...and Faith

...and here is the finished product! We had lots of fun, the girls were really afraid they were making a big mess with the sprinkles and I had to reassure them that it was no big deal, it was such a cute and fun project for the two year old girls!

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

WooHoo! BA's Danny Cahill Wins Season 8's Biggest Loser

Alright, alright so I have known for a little while that Danny was a finalist, okay September 22 to be exact, but had to keep it on the down low! Remember the boot camp I did this summer, or better yet remember the one I didn't complete due to breaking my ankle three days into it! Well my trainer/friend Miranda has been training Danny while he has been back home in Broken Arrow! How totally cool is that! Several of my friends have met him and say he is such an inspiration to be around. I mean really he lost 239lbs and is down to 191lbs, and now he has taken home the title of Season 8's Biggest Loser, I am inspired! So proud of you Danny! For those of you who haven't read or would like to re-read my story on Miranda go here! I am really hoping to do a follow up story on her journey w/ Danny soon!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Start It Out Right Sunday- Week 15

I know, I know you haven't seen a Start It Out Right Sunday in a looooong time.....Kind of sad when your own MeMe gets put on the backburner, but realistically when Sunday's are your only family day during football season, the last thing you want to be caught doing by your DH is blogging! So, I'm getting this one done on Monday morning and gonna backdate it, with a promise to my readers to start trying to continue them on Sunday's for now on!

After church we ran by Family Dollar to get Braden's party favors for next weekend. He picked out Bible word searches. I asked him, "Are you sure all of your friends are Christians?" I realized immediately WHAT I said to my son. Here he is expressing himself and his beliefs to his friends, a moment any mother should be proud of and here I was getting ready to hold him back over something as simple as a $1 party favor. I apologized to him immediately and told him how wrong I was.

How often do we do this in our daily walk with Christ? Do we question what we say or what we do as Christians for fear of it offending the "non-believer"? I for one this week am going to Start It Out Right by making an effort not to hold back, to let ALL see Jesus in me!

How do you participate in Start It Out Right Sunday's? Please email The 4-Crow's, you'll be added as a reader, then just play along! All you have to do is is grab the button, sign Mr. MckLinky, and share how you are going to Start It Out Right! It can be from the sermon at church, the diet you will start, the house you will clean, the amends you will make or just anything to Start It Out Right! I look forward to reading each week!

Monday, November 23, 2009

My Son the All-Star!

In a past post, I told you that my dear 8 year old son had been chosen to play in the Sooner Classic All-Star Football Tournament in Muskogee. We wrapped it up this weekend. Secretly, I am so glad, but then again, I can't believe I'm gonna say this- I really enjoyed football this year, and I might, just might know what is going on before his senior year, LOL! The All-Star team consisted of players from four teams, Braden's team, BA Black, BA Silver, Pryor and Union. These boys only had two weeks to practice together and come together as a team. And, they did! They played a total of 4 games together and came in 3rd place in the tournament and let me tell you the last two games they played AWESOME! My son, know as "Hutch" on the team or by Mom as the "B'ster" or "Baby" actually scored an extra point on a pass, made two first down's on two passes and tackled like a mad man! I am so proud of him. And I might add I did miss his extra point, because I wasn't looking for it, tournament rules let him actually touch the ball where regular season rules didn't- I know BAD BAD Moma! (I'll get the video later!)
Here are the All-Star's

Only a True Football Player could take pride in these bruises.......

.........and this one from a helmet.............
.....honestly, his parents spent $30 on arm pads to protect our baby boy from these blocking bruises, but according to the Coaches and the other players the more bruises like this you have the more evidence that your doing your job on the line! Oh dear, sure hope DHS is not called on me! But a blog is a blog and it is to document these important moments in our children's lives and the B'ster is so proud!

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Leaves are Fun!

I don't even think I need any words for the following pictures of Braden and Kaybrie and their leaf work/fun!

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Sunday, November 8, 2009


Our Annual Arkansas Game November 7, 2009! We Beat South Carolina! Great Game, Great Seats! Loved it! Way to go Razorbacks!

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tricks or Treats with the Crow's

Well, don't you think it's about time I get some "sweet" shots of my little Trick or Treaters on the blog? Braden ended his regular football season play Halloween morning with a loss against Wagoner with a spooky score of 45-6. Their record for the season was 2 wins and 7 losses! Yep, not so great! He is currently playing in the postseason tournament and will be going into the Sooner Classic Games at Muskogee. Anyway, my little spooks were going to terrorize the neighborhood and Grandma's house as Broken Arrow Football player and Cheerleader, but Braden changed his mind- he was quite disgusted with the Black and Gold! Thank goodness we also have on hand the Red and Black! WooooPigSooooie!

Our first house to Trick or Treat at- of course Miss Dusty's

Anticipation for all that candy, can barely even get Moma a good shot of their costumes!

The Trick or Treat Gang!

We went to Grandma's house for our annual chili dinner. While the men watched the OSU/Texas game, we went Trick or Treating on her street, it is nice because we do not get too much candy! The boys have a blast because they know exactly where they are going and the girls just stand around admiring each other in their costumes. Kaybrie was really into Trick or Treating this year. One really cute thing that she did was put her sippy cup in her bag and when Mr. Collins one of the elderly neighbors gave her candy, she also gave him a piece of candy out of her pumpkin!

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Where Have I Been and What Has Been Going On at The Crow's Nest?

Wow, has it really been 11 days since I have written a blog piece? Well, I am alive, no illnesses, I guess just extremely BUSY! Football wraps up, or I should say the regular season wraps up this week. ( we are not going to discuss the outcome) )-: Our all-star has been asked to play in post-season! Yay! So, we will be going until at least November 21st in football. But, we made a decision. We are not playing basketball this year. We need some family time. We are tired of running and never seeing each other.

My Moma surprised the kids with a visit last Wednesday and stayed through Sunday, so needless to say, I have been away from the computer. We had a great visit! She did bring Jason's birthday gift- we are now sporting a new yard ornament- and a quite pretty one if I say so myself! What do you think? And Soooie on you if you don't like it! She found this in Mississippi, so this Hog has a lot of miles on him!

On another note, Braden had all A's on his first report card. We are so proud of him! And now I have to share a funny story that happened last night, he of course will disown me, but I have to document this one, LOL! Last night, Braden was sitting in self confessional crying his eyes out- it seems he had been keeping a BIG secret all weekend long. He had received a "like" note from a girl at school on Thursday and checked YES, he is terrified that we are going to turn him into the school authorities ( I told him it was in the handbook, NO GIRLFRIENDS). I guess I am blessed that it has waited until 3rd grade! BTW, her name is Bailey, and mom is a teacher. This all started because we were getting ready to watch Transformers 2 and Bailey reminds him of Megan Fox- oh for crying out loud, sorry but I don't think a 3rd grade girl, or any girl could hold a candle to Megan, but I did not dare tell my DS that!

Miss Kaybrie, well she is into the WHY's! She is into the I need to find this, and if I can't you find it for me. And, she is into the "I am the boss" stage. Yep, the 3's are quickly approaching, only 2 more months and we will have a darling three year old in the house. Oh is she a Drama Queen! One of her favorite things right now is to go to her Grandma's and play with Grandma's black porcelain baby doll! So sweet!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall Break at the Pumpkin Patch

We finally got the opportunity to make our annual visit today, aka pumpkin picture taking at the pumpkin patch and it was soooo cold! And of course, I didn't realize just how cold it was and did not dress myself or the kids warm enough, it was hat and glove weather! 48 degrees, at least it wasn't raining! I didn't get as many shots as usual, and Kaybrie still is not as photogenic as Braden is on the pumpkins, maybe orange will be his color- but I'm pretty sure he is going to bleed Hog Red Forever, LOL!

Look, I even got into the pumpkin shot this year! Thanks, Stacye!

Here is Braden and his classic surrounded by pumpkin shot!
John Deere Green Tractors were an attraction this year, Braden was a little too big...oh well!
Kaybrie really tried to peddle, she prefers a diesel engine though!
Oh dear, her hair was blowing in the wind!
Isn't Braden just the cutest?
Moma's little Pumpkins!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

An Early Birthday Present: A Miley Mistake or Lesson?

Oh dear, what have I done? Braden heard that Miley was coming to town in early Summer and knowing how much he loves Hannah Montana I made the decision to purchase tickets for him as an "early" birthday present for him to go to his first concert. Here is my review of the concert. Rated PG13 for suggestiveness! Hannah has Grown Up! I am quite sure many parents of the young children there were very disappointed! I love her music, but can 16 please be 16? I had to have the talk with him on the way home about the way he saw her dance really wasn't appropriate. Just hoping and praying that those words of mine went into that beautiful head of his and erased some of those images in that growing mind of his! Over all though, like I said the songs were good and even on his favorite songs I could not get him to get up and dance with me, so looking back, I am praying that is a GREAT sign! ;) ;)

Jason and Braden after the concert in front of the beautiful BOK center!

My fave of the night, when she was lifted by cables across the crowd singing I love Rock N Roll!

Love this song-Girls Night Out!

Close up on the screen singing her hit from her upcoming movie The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks, and below playing the piano of the same song.