Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Braden- My Baby Boy is 8 years old today!

What was I doing 8 years ago today? Anxiously awaiting the arrival of my precious baby boy. I was induced at 6:30 that morning, the audience included my Moma, sister, and my 19 month old niece Jadyn. All day long, we waited in great anticipation, while watching the ice storm of 2000 outside Mercy Memorial Hospital in OKC. We had many phone calls that day, including my SIL, who was also at a nearby hospital w/ my nephew Seth, he was still in the hospital after his premature birth August 18. And then, at 8 PM, I knew it was time. We begin the counting literally, Jadyn learned to count to 10 that night! At 8:20, I delivered the most beautiful baby boy in the world. 7lbs 9oz. Now 8 years later, he weighs in at 78lbs, is active in football and basketball and video games!
We kicked off his 8th B-Day celebration w/ a birthday breakfast of scrambled eggs w/ cheese, bacon, toast & jelly, and chocolate milk. I placed a football candle in his eggs (he was not about to eat the melted wax). Then he was off to school. His spelling test was a little tough, he scored 14/15. When he got home that afternoon, he was so excited. He came home w/ 20 homemade cards from his classmates, some of them have really great art work! For dinner we had Braden's choice. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, and Grandma's rolls. Then we had birthday cake. Yes, I made it. A football made out of cupcakes (I need to take a cake decorating class).
Then, it was gift time. Braden humbly opened his one box from us, filled w/ 4 shirts, and then moved on to his Grandma's Kung Fu Panda PS2 game. Then Jason sent him outside to take the trash out, it took Braden a few try's, but he finally realized that his Daddy's hatch was up on the van and contained a basketball and a portable basketball goal, he was so happy he cried, I mean it, he cried! I caught it on video! Guess what, Mom and Dad outdid Santa this year, we ROCK! Happy Birthday Baby Boy! (I know you hate that, but at least I have refrained from doing it at your sporting events)


Liz said...

That is sweet that he cried! He was so happy about the Basketball Goal!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! He is getting so big he looks a lot like his Daddy!!:)