Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas through an Almost 2 year old Girl's eyes...

Nativity Scenes:
Every time Kaybrie sees Jesus in a Nativity Scene, she says "Happy Birthday, Jesus"!

Christmas Songs:
One of my favorite Christmas songs is "Baby, it's Cold Outside". It is not uncommon when this song comes on the radio that I crank up the volume, turn down the rearview mirror in the car to look at Kaybrie, and sing it full of animation with a little bit of shoulder movement! Well, Kaybrie has certainly learned the chorus line. The other day, during the "ice" storm, Kaybrie was wrapping her baby up in a blanket and said, "Baby, It's Cold Outside".
Santa Claus:
Santa is simply "Claus" to Kaybrie. Tonight though, she caught Jason shaving......
"Daddy, Claus"? "Ho, Ho, Ho". I can see the resemblance in the Tim Allen version, but my man cannot fit the big red suit. Do you think Santa's secret is safe?

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Liz said...

Kaybrie is very a very smart, and observant little girl! The part about her calling Jason Daddy Claus, is too cute. :)