Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Party, NOT.....ARRRGH! It's Now Called Winter Celebration

If your child attends public schools, like mine, you probably have been made aware that the party they have the last day of school, before Winter Break is not called a Christmas Party, or is the break called Christmas Break......This is where my ARRGH! comes in! No Jesus, No Santa, only snowflakes and candy canes. The event is officially called "Winter Celebration" at Braden's school. Okay, so I'm over my bitterness, just had to get that off of my chest.

I volunteered for HomeRoom Parent this year, and guess what I am officially Braden's 2nd grade HomeRoom Parent! So, I am in charge of planning 2 parties this year. 1st party, today!We had a popcorn, hot cocoa party. The kids added their own seasoning to their hot-air popped cord, stirred their own hot cocoa & marshmallow, snacked on raisins, cupcakes and candy canes. Those second graders had a blast. And you know what, that is all that matters...


Liz said...

I didn't realize they changed the title to the party like that! That is pretty crappy. But you are right, all that matters is that they had a good time. :)

Megan said...

Matt's work is the same way, they have a winter celebration in January, instead of a xmas party in December.
Looks like the party was fun though, good job!

Glenna said...
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Glenna said...

YES!!! AMEN SISTER!!!! I was going to post about this myself & I may still!!! It Irks me too! I still & always WILL call it CHRISTMAS VACATION too!!
Whats all the change about "political correctness" well BLAHHH
I would rather be BIBLICALLY CORRECT!!
Ok sorry didnt mean to rant on your comments!

Michelle said...

I agree it is very sad that they have taken Christmas and Jesus out of the parties. On the other had thanks for visiting my blog. Hope your family has a Merry Christmas. Blessings. :)