Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Gift

The antibiotics have kicked in and the pain killers have worked wondrously, so this morning I got up and made chex mix, puppy chow, Crow-Bars, and Jesus's Birthday Cake (red cake w/white icing)!
My MIL has a traditional saying on Christmas Eve, "Christmas Eve Gift". When we talk, it is a contest to see who wishes the greeting to the other first......So Fun! Well, she got us first this morning.
The 4-Crow's passed out their annual "Christmas Eve Gift" today to our neighbors. I put together a few Crow-Bars and Chex Mix in a pretty container. Braden pulled Kaybrie in the wagon and passed the gifts out. It makes me so proud of my kids to see them get into the spirit of giving of themselves to others! I hope all of you have a very happy Christmas Eve, and I pray that if you don't already have HIM, that you receive the greatest "Christmas Gift" ever, JESUS CHRIST!


Glenna said...

OH how wonderful!! You hug your MIL for me & wish her a MERRY CHRISTMAS for me too! You all have a wonderful Christmas!

Megan said...

That's great! Those treats sound yummy!

Dawn said...

What a sweet post and sweet kids. :)