Tuesday, December 30, 2008

6 Boys + 2 Sister's + 2 Mommy's + 2 Daddy's + 1 Grandma = Braden's 8th Birhday Pary!!!

Down, Set, Hut....

PIG, anyone?

Yep, those are the number in attendance, all 13 present at The Crow's Nest yesterday to help celebrate Braden's 8th B-Day-18 days later. Why did I not think better when I decided to have children? I should have had them in the Summer and not in December and January! For Braden especially, it has always been really hard to fit in a party, what w/Christmas, bad weather, travel etc. I had almost decided that I was just going to wait until January and have a double party for my kids. But now, is that really fair? So, Sunday night, I pulled up the weather and 64 degrees was the forecast, so I start thinking......hmmm......outside party, hot dogs on the grill, cupcakes & ice cream, new basketball goal, football, kids driving their mom's crazy during Christmas Break, this will make a perfect party. So, late notice for party, but I am so glad Braden's friend's have understanding parents, or really desperate ones to get a two hour break! And then of course, what do the boys want to do? Playstation 2 and Nintendo DS in Braden's room. It's 64 degrees outside, it is sunny, get out & enjoy the weather, come on, be boys, get dirty! And they did, and I think they had fun doing it!

Hot Dog Time!

The Girls, a table for two...

Cake time!

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Liz said...

Looks like everyone had a good time! I'm glad you were able to do something for Braden, and I am sure he was too!