Wednesday, November 26, 2008


My friend Carrie T. was telling me about this awesome book she was reading w/ her 11 year old daughter, I have to admit, I honestly did not think this would be up my alley. I typically read "adult" love, romance, and mystery! Then, all of a sudden I started seeing everyone's blog postings about this movie. I went back to Carrie and asked her, "is this what you were reading?" So, I broke down this past Saturday and bought the book and finished it Monday night. Loved it! I actually talked Jason into going w/ me today to see the movie. There really was not much talking him into it, considering he loves anything supernatural. I loved the movie, it was a little different than the book, but, Hollywood has to sell, and it did make $70 million its first weekend in the box office. I have purchased the next two books and plan to delve into them tonight! Now is where I tell you that I think I am truly married a vampire. What? Well, Jason loves the dark, loves cold and rainy weather, and, his bite isn't all that bad......:)

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Liz said...

I told you about it awhile back too!!!