Monday, November 17, 2008

Braden's Questionairre

This evening I was sitting in front of the computer and Braden came in asking for a piece of paper. He then proceeded to sit down at the table and ask me questions, kind of like I was being interviewed. Who knows maybe he was just trying to get to know his Mommy a little better. Well, I of course answered his questions and he wrote down my answers. Here is what I discovered after I had put him to bed. Now keep in mind he is 7 and is really trying to spell according to sounds.

vecdboll(vegetable)-lettis (lettuce)
coler (color)-red
movey (movie)- littel marmad (little mermaid)
spot (sport)- sofball (softball)
Book- Marry higs clark (Mary Higgins Clark)
Play with- play with my kide's
mothe (month)-October and Decimber
drink-dit cook (diet coke)
state- Oklahoma
contry (country)- Younite Stats of a Amrkei (United States of America)
song- I am not a lown(alone)
cake- straberry sortcake (strawberry shortcake)
toy- my copter (computer)
cook- All, I like to make food.
animal- horses
pet- a dog for my kide's
And then, this note: I Love You Momey

I am of course a little concerned about some of these words, but I think we will sit down tomorrow night and go over them. What will be interesting is him reading this post a few years from now and being embarrassed. But, I really do have to give him an "A" for effort!


Jennifer said...

That is so sweet! I just love reading the little words and trying to interpret them. Sometimes I have to break down and ask Meredith what the word is and then when she does, it makes perfect sense, of course.

Liz said...

That is really cute, I can just picture Braden doing that!

Megan said...

Aah, that's cute! Was he doing it just for fun then? You need to hang onto that!! Sweet.