Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bible Study Special Guest: T. Suzanne Eller

Today I officially met my new friend and sister in Christ, author T. Suzanne Eller.
For those of you who do not know, I have been journeying through an awesome study,
"The Mom I Want to Be: Rising above your Past to Give Your Kids a Great Future"
by none other than the beautiful woman in the turquoise blue, Suzie!
A few blogs back, I happened to write over what a blessing this book has been in my life and what God was teaching me. A God "thing" happened. Suzie came across my blog and left a comment that she would like to join our group on a conference call, well one thing led to another and today she was our guest speaker at "The Spa for the Soul" Bible Study at The Church at BattleCreek. What do I say, but WOW! Our God is so Awesome. One of the biggest burdens upon my heart is being the MOM that God wants me to be. He wants me to nurture and help him shape my sweet precious babies into the adult He wants them to be. It was so awesome to meet Suzie, I encourage anyone who reads this blog entry to check out her website and dig deep into her ministry. .
I want to close with this prayer from "The Mom" book page 190, that really touched me last night during my quiet time, I have edited from the book version slightly, so that it is personalized for me.
Father, you love my children even more than I do, don't you? You can see their hearts, their talents, their sweet and tender hopes. You see my children from when they are tiny infants, full of possibilities, and when they're racing through the house, full of energy, with their imagination at full throttle. Doesn't it say that you know them so well that you've written their names, Braden & Kaybrie, on the palm of your hand, and that you have a future for them? Help me be an encourager for them. I'm glad you've given ME the responsibility of shaping them. Thank you for the memories all around me and for the new ones just ahead. Please come into my home today.

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Megan said...

Hey ShaRhonda
Thanks for checking out my blog! So nice of you...I love sharing it. Yours is cute too! WOW I can't believe this post, it was great, it sounds like a great experience! I will add you to my blogroll if that's alright and I will check back again soon! Thanks again!!