Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Proof is in the Pad......

So, lately I have been pulled to the infomercial for the "Shark" steam mop. I seem to catch it every time it comes on. Well, I finally ordered it! Shipping, handling, 6pads, and the carpet glider, I only paid $103.75. I justified it as an early birthday present, safer for the environment, safer for Kaybrie (she was always slipping on my tile after I mopped), and whoa, it will get my grout clean! Well, it finally arrived yesterday. I couldn't wait to use my new appliance! Jason was home w/a bad migraine yesterday and he was like, do you have to use it today. Well, of course, I've never known him to get a new video game and not play it immediately. Oh, the difference between men & women! So I put my "Shark" together by myself (easy) and I used it first in my kitchen. Now, the pictures I am posting are rated "F" for filthy, so don't think bad of me. I really am a good housekeeper, but I guess the steam really does lift residue left behind by a sponge mop! Well day 1 is complete for my 60 day free trial, and I think I will be keeping the mop!

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