Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me & My Brother Jason!

No, we are not twins, and yes, I am the oldest of three children. Today I am 34 and Jason is, oh my, the big 30! I am so proud of my "little"brother. "Little" is kind of an understatement, I should say younger. Jason is 6'5" compared to my 5'9". Anyway, my brother has a beautiful wife, and 4 gorgeous kids. He is the pastor at Marsden Baptist Church, a small community church southwest of Ardmore, OK. Jason is currently finishing up his bachelor's degree, and has recently decided to join "The Southern Oklahoma Rednecks" a minor league football team. Of course being the sister I am, I was very concerned about a 30 year old man w/ a family and a multitude of other responsibilites playing football. Well, this past Saturday, I crashed his practice! (no one, not even his wife has been allowed to attend practice) My moma, sister, and I decided he needed some water and we loaded up and went to Healdton to find him. We went to 4 different places before we finally tracked him down. And there he was in full pads and helmet commanding the defense, looking good. It reminded me of his high school days, only he is a little heavier and several years older. His best friend Billy was also there. I guess I have come to the conclusion, if a bunch of "has been's, still wanna be" men want to play, let them! Happy Birthday "Little" Brother, I love you!


Jason said...

Happy birthday, to my much older sister who named me.As in most cases I feel it necessary to set the record correct on a few things.

The team I joined is called the Southern Oklahoma Roughnecks

If anyone is interested in checking the team out copy and paste the website in your browser.

The Roughnecks are a Semi-Pro team
I am a whole lot heavier than when I was in High School Try a 100lbs more
And this one irritates me to correct but as Always my loving sister never did know much about football but I was playing offense when they crashed the practice.

Some things she did get right though is that I have a beautiful wife and some gorgeous kids

and Billy ( the friend she refers to) and I are definately "has beens" but we can still play with the best of them.

Happy birthday sis
Love you

ShaRhonda said...

Note from the Author, I stand corrected, but if my brother hadn't made this so "top secret" I might have been a little more informed...isn't this banter fun! And I did know the proper name, I guess I've just made fun of it so much that the wrong name just came out! But really, after seeing him out there on "offense", I really am proud!