Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Playdate!

Kaybrie & I met our friends Stacye & Faith for lunch today at Chic-Fil-A. We of course sat far away from the play area so that the girls would eat undistracted. The girl are about 6 weeks apart in age w/ Kaybrie being the oldest. Then, we let them play. Now this was Kaybrie's 2nd trip to the play area and she remember well climbing up high and going down the big kid slide w/ Braden. It did not take her long to find two "older" girls to help her! This was Faith's 1st visit and she was ready to climb "up" the slide! The girls had lots of fun, and so did their Mommies, after lunch we shopped at Ulta & Kohl's.

Now, I will tell you what a small world or city we live in! Stacye & I met in March 2008 in the Stroller Workout, that Kaybrie & I were going to, too bad it now has ended! Throughout the summer, we went to lunch and started getting to know each other. Well, about a month ago, the subject came up about last names. Stacye immediately asked me if I knew Jason, Marc, & Betty. And of course, I'm married to Jason. Jason & her brother Steve were best friends in high school, so they all practically grew up together. Although I have heard lots about Steve, I have yet to meet him........but we are now friends w/ Stacye & Faith, this town just isn't big enough, Ha! Ha!

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