Friday, October 31, 2008

"BOO"ing Neighbors

I guess this is becoming a tradition in some neighborhoods and I completely forgot about it until my cousin Tonya reminded me this last weekend. There are so many things you can do with this, and since I already had 2 Halloween decorations that I got on clearance last year I decided to use hese instead of candy! ghost, I just used a sucker wrapped in kleenex and put its face on. Have fun if you decide to "Boo" your neighbor, you can also google this and get other ideas. I'm not really sure how this played out, I did get "Boo"ed back, with my own decoration and some candy! Here is the poem I used to explain what "Boo"ing was!

You've Been Ghosted!

Late last night, we left you a treat.
The tradition is fun, one we hope you'll repeat.

Take the ghost and pin it on your door,
to let others know, you need ghosted no more.

Now it's your duty to pass on the surprise,
to two more families, we must advise.

Gather some treats or Halloween decorations and deliver them soon,
within two nights, under the light of the moon.

Include a ghost with each package you give,
along with this poem for the tradition to live.

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