Sunday, October 19, 2008

Arkansas- Fall Break Day 3 & 4

On Friday we took our annual trip to Dardanelle, Arkansas. This little town is where my MIL grew up with her two brothers and three sisters. We love the drive down the Muskogee turnpike to I-40 west into Arkansas, it is absolutely beautiful this time of year. When we arrived we went to see Mamaw Crow, Jason's 92 year old grandmother. She was so excited to see the kids, they just bring so much joy to her face. Kaybrie went right to her. They couldn't wait to get the sack of toys out of the closet, and Mamaw couldn't wait to see the toys scattered around everywhere. She says that when you get older you miss having kids around to make messes........Hmmm!
On Friday night we went with Uncle Elbert and my MIL Betty to this wonderful Chinese buffet in Dardanelle. Then we visited w/ Aunt Bonnie and then went back to Uncle Elbert's to sleep.

The next morning, we loaded up and went to Mount Nebo State Park, so beautiful. Kaybrie had absolutely no fear! Braden couldn't be still and couldn't climb enough! Saturday afternoon we headed out to the old homeplace to Uncle Elbert's barn to have the family picnic. The food was wonderful and lots of people were there. We got to see my MIL's other two sisters Aunt Katie and Aunt Mary Lee and her brother Uncle Rueben. Uncle Elbert has a collection of antique cars & John Deere Tractors, a new hobby of Quail raising, horses, donkeys, and a beautiful doll collection that had belonged to his wife. It is great to see such a wonderful family all together and it is even more awesome to be a part of it!

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Jennifer said...

What a beautiful place to go. I'm definitely impressed with the doll collection.