Monday, October 27, 2008

Birthday Weekend

Anyone who knows me knows that I always go to Moma & Daddy's house for a weekend either before or after my b-day to celebrate mine & my brother & sisters b-day. What, you ask? Yes, My brother was born on my 4th birthday, and my sister was born 4 days after my 5th birthday. I of course don't remember much about Stephanie (my sister), other than Jason (my brother), biting her when she came home from the hospital, he was only one years old! I, of course, remember everything about my baby brother. I got him, a tutu, and my ears pierced that birthday, I was one lucky girl!
Anyway, we went to Wilson on Friday the 24th. Daddy & Moma took us to eat at a restaurant in Tishomingo called "The Fish Place", AWESOME FOOD! On Saturday the kids played outside all day. My sister, moma and I went shopping for flowers and tracked down my brother at his football practice (more later), and then we went to a Fall Festival at Marsden Baptist Church where my brother is the pastor. We all dressed up, and the kids played games and got lots of treats. The congregation makes sure that all of the children win a cake in the cake walk, win candy w/ every game, and get a bottle of pop as well! This is really neat and what a great way to share God w/ the community! On Sunday, Moma made lunch and then we left at 1PM, after stopping 3 times on the way home, we finally arrived home around 5PM, boy were we tired, but I had a great B-Day weekend w/ my family!

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